Avionics Meters:

Databuses ARINC429 is discussed in details as it is ideally suited for Engine control and Navigational purposes. Comparative study of ARINC 629 is covered. Use and details of various Databus Analyzers is covered in practical sessions.


Importance of low resistance, high resistance and Loop resistance (HIRF: High Intensity Radiating Field) measurements as applied to aviation is discussed in detail. Use of Keithley 580, M1 and LCR meters is discussed.

All sources of electricity are discussed. Resistance, Capacitance and Inductance as seen by DC and AC is discussed. Evolution of electrical principles into Semi-conductors, electron devices and Digital logic is covered.

Very helpful in troubleshooting and finding the physical location of electrical faults. During class / practical session all aspects of theory and operation are discussed.

Spread Spectrum technology and wave propagation factor as applied to TDR operation are discussed. Skin effect and Dielectric effect affecting the wave speed are covered in details.

Digital Databus Analyzers & ARINC 429/629:

Aviation Electrical Circuits: