2 Day Seminar:

• Full fee along with student name and bio-data is received at least 15 days before the seminar. This information is used to complete FCC Form 605 on student's behalf.

• Study material is then e-mailed so that you have enough time to read it and get ready on the day of seminar.

• Students are then scheduled for FCC Tests and info about the test date is mailed to student's mailing address.

• Students are given instructions about the seminar for about 2 weeks thru email. Email is sent to one "designated contact" or individually to each student.

• Students read the study material, follow instructions given thru email and come prepared to the seminar.

• GROL is covered within 16 - 20 hrs and Radar Endorsement (if chosen) is covered in additional 8 hrs. Students are expected to show up on time. The seminar begins at scheduled time.

• All FCC paperwork prepared on student's behalf and submitted to FCC.

• Successful students receive licenses within 10 days.